Friday, August 5, 2011

The Best Buttons EVER

I'm developing a class that I am going to be teaching at a few shops in the Denver area and up here in Fort Collins (dates TBA). I had been itching to knit up another Baby Surprise Jacket, and suddenly it occurred to me that a lot of people might benefit from a class helping them through the pattern. Elizabeth Zimmermann is notoriously vague in her patterns, encouraging knitters to think as they go and pay attention to their knitting. The Baby Surprise Jacket is one of her classic patterns.
One of the benefits of the pattern is it can be knit in any gauge yarn. You choose needles that go with the yarn weight you pick, and knit it up. Whatever size it comes out is perfect: kids grow, so even if it's big for a newborn, they can always wear it later! I knit this cutie up holding two strands of Linie 2 Supersocke Silk (here's a link to my Rav page). It took me two whole skeins (four, actually, because I was holding two strands together). This is what the piece of fabric looks like when you cast it off.
Then, you connect A to A and B to B and SURPRISE! A baby sweater (hence the name). I left the shoulder seams un-sewn because I plan to use this as a demo piece in my classes. Once the classes are over, I'll stash this away until Dear and I start having kids of our own. I picked out the best buttons EVER at My Sister Knits.
Purple hippos!! You just don't get cuter than this.

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