Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Baking Spree

Dear and I visited a new Farmer's Market last weekend (well ... new to us, anyway), located in downtown Fort Collins. We were pleased with the number of farmers there, and saw a few things that we had never seen before. We stocked up on fresh veggies and salad-fixin's, and found an absolutely ENORMOUS zucchini and squash.

Unfortunately, I have no before pictures of these ... I know they were not your traditional zucchini and squash, they were supposed to be as big as they were. They were each longer than my forearm, and as wide around as a loaf of Italian bread. I'm not exaggerating, these things were HUGE, and we had to figure out what to do with them.

Answer: zucchini bread!
My first effort, and it came out REALLY tasty if I do say so myself. I love a thick hunk of zucchini bread with cream cheese along with my iced coffee for breakfast, so rest assured I will be making more of this. I'll try to remember to take a before-picture of the zucchini next time, too. The recipe was a basic one from my Betty Crocker cookbook (which I LOVE). I also found a recipe in that cookbook that solved my problem of too-many peaches.

My first-ever zucchini bread, followed by my first-ever peach cobbler, both in the same afternoon. The house smelled so yummy, and this peach cobbler is scrumptious. The peaches are some of the best I've had in YEARS, and I can't wait until we're back from our vacation this weekend, so I can go back to the Farmer's Market and buy more, More, MORE!!

Next up: canning. :-D

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