Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Once more ... with feeling!

Hey there hi there ho there, we're as happy as can be on this hot-ass day in late July in merry ol' Houston, TX. For those of you who live in milder climates, let me put it to you this way ... the easiest way to describe the daily forecast here is "sunny and hot, might rain -- might not." My radio tells me every morning that the temperature is 83-ish degrees before 8am. Now THAT ... is hot. I dream of mild Februaries.

Such hot climates means a knitter has to get creative. I do a lot of smaller projects, and everything is made out of light fibres ... lots of cotton and bamboo blends go round my needles, with the occasional wool blend for those articles I can wear for two or three months out of the year. I save the hard-core wool for gifts ... like my friend Kris's birthday present. I'm dying to post a photo, but am going to refrain until they have been sent to her ... in the chance that she reads this, I don't want to give them away. She knows they're socks, but she doesn't know what they look like. Suffice to say I'm damn proud of them and she's going to love them. (Even though they'll be a little late ... but they're still filled with love!) I also gave Jennifer the newborn hat-and-booties set I made for her baby-to-be, Thaddeus (they'll call him Thad).

I've finished the gadget pouches meant for Hazel ... those will be dropped at the post office today on the way home from work. So if you're in the Chicago area, stop by Hazel in the next few weeks and check 'em out! Additional hats and fingerless gloves to appear starting in or around September/ October.

And for the fashionable fashionista who wants her toes pretty, but feet warm? Pedicure socks!

Well, kids ... that's about it. Stay tuned for more photos, and feel free to contact me if you want to order a unique and hand-made Christmas gift for the hard-to-buy-for. Remember -- socks are an eternal hug!