Monday, May 18, 2009

We like dancing and we look divine ....

Okay, see this one time, see Randy Beeman's dad was going on to this boat one time and he went way out in the water because that's where the boat was going to go and his mom told him to be careful of alligators because Randy Beeman's mom's grandfather's best friend's uncle had been eaten by an alligator and they can hide and look like logs in the water, but see Randy Beeman's dad didn't listen and he needed some firewood so he went to get the log by the water only it wasn't a log it was an alligator and now Randy Beeman's dad only has one hand so he can't clap so good.

ANYWAY, on to woolier things. I've been a busy little knitting bee lately ... I finished the leg warmers for my friend Ali:

They're for her birthday next month.  The best thing is, I totally just gave away her birthday present a month early ... sorry, Ali!  Hope you like 'em!  These were the first thing that I made the pattern up myself ... I picked the cable out of a cable pattern book I have, and *poof* ... Flashdance!  (To clarify for Ali's sake, she is not an 80's dancer in a unitard awaiting a bucket of water to be dumped on her from the top of a stepladder ... she teaches ice skating lessons. Maybe in a unitard, I'm not sure.)

Still stitching away on Dad's Father's Day socks, and then it's on to gadget pouches for Hazel (the store) and a hat and booties for Thad (co-worker Jennifer's baking bun baby). After some re-stitching, Rob's afghan panels are ready to be stitched together, and then just two panels left ... but really, how badly does he need the acrylic-wool-blend afghan in May in Houston? Not that badly (it's hot here).

I've put up some pictures of past projects (wanna see some pictures? link on the right) ... take a look at them, and if you see something you like, let me know ... I take special orders, or glowing compliments!  Don't see something you like? Ask me ... maybe I'll feel like making it. Maybe not. Let's consult the Magic 8-Ball ....