Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy July 4th (Belated)!

Another holiday weekend has come and gone. Why isn’t every weekend a three-day weekend? My weekend was filled with friends, family, fireworks, knitting, shopping (and other various errands), spinning, relaxation and good eats. Now it’s back to the day-to-day and the almost overwhelming desire to nap in the afternoons (seriously – am I the only one?).

We saw a very respectable* fireworks display on the 4th. We went up to the 14th floor balcony off Alley Theatre’s Board Room where we had a totally unobstructed and perfect view of the whole thing. Free food and beer came along with it, not to mention no crowds, air conditioning and clean, flushing toilets. THAT is how you celebrate July 4th.

Sadly, this was the best photo I could get of the fireworks. No one has ever complemented my steady hand.

*Please note: I say respectable because it simply seemed smaller and rather “eh” this year. Usually I am thrilled with Houston’s fireworks, but this year they just didn’t seem as big, or as long. I was told it was due to our recent rainstorms, they were worried about the chemicals mixing with the water and contaminating the bayou, but I don’t know how true that is.

I finished up another sample hat, this one made from some kind of Classic Elite Angora blend. I have the ball band at home and will update the post later, when I (someday) remember to look and post the information.

Doubly- cute because it's reversible! Top photo is stockinette, bottom photo is reverse stockinette.
It took less than two balls to make a medium-sized beanie hat – and it took two balls because I held two strands together. Resulted in a very lovely, soft, warm and tightly-knit beanie cap that I think will make some snow bunny (get it? Angora? Snow Bunny?) very happy someday.

I also finally took some photos of another beanie I made a while ago:

This one is made with Queensland Collection, a thick and thin 100% wool that I’ve had for about three years and only finally figured out what to make with it. Now I REALLY don’t know what to do with the small bit that’s leftover.

Other than that, I spent a little time at Knitting in the Loop helping them clear out their old inventory (bad LYS for having a 50% off sale … don’t you know I’m on a yarn diet? That’s like putting free red velvet cupcakes on my desk with flowers and a puppy … completely irresistible), spent some time spinning (no photos of that because I want to surprise you with the end product … it’s going to be lovely), and just being lazy with Dear and his little sister. All in all, a great weekend … and a great week to follow! My birthday is this Thursday, and I have developed a special talent for dragging the single day out to last an entire week. Just part of my charm.

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  1. About half of the fireworks were set off on the Friday before the 4th. We saw it from our office, and the noise was terrifying. The City said that they had to let them off early due to the storms. I believe it because the bayou was horribly flooded.