Friday, July 2, 2010

Dyed in the Wool

I mentioned earlier I have some Super Top Secret Happenings happening. Well, some of those things are still staying Super Top Secret until some other Super Top Secret things Happen (am I confusing and repetitive yet? Good.), but in the meantime I’ve been receiving some orders from Ye Olde Internette.

I’m working on gathering supplies so that I can start to offer things up in my Etsy store. It has, up until now, remained dormant and empty, woeful and sad because I was always working on projects for myself or dear loved ones rather than the yarn-buying public. As part of my Super Top Secret Happenings, I’ve decided to get off my arse and get my store going. A super excited blog post will happen when the store is live with products, but for now: photo fodder.

This is a whopping order, mostly from Wool2Dye4 and a bit from Paradise Wool. This is 3 bags equaling 30 skeins of un-dyed superwash fingering weight yarn; 1 bag equaling 10 skeins of un-dyed superwash DK (double-knit) weight yarn; 1 pound of Alpaca roving; 1 pound of Blue Faced Leicester roving; and 1 pound of Corriedale roving. Any guesses as to what I’m going to do with it?

That’s right. This is 8 jars of various colors of Jacquard acid dyes. Dyeing is hopefully going to commence this weekend (may the Force of Enamel Pots be with me when I visit Goodwill and Salvation Army), so stay tuned for plenty of adventurous posts chock fulla bright colors, kitchen misadventures and stained fingers.

In the meantime, I’ve been spinning like a crazy spinning spinster lady.

That’s almost 3 full ounces (2.95 if you look closely at the little scale screen) of hand-spun 100% merino roving. The colorway is English Garden and I just love the name. It’s mostly green with bits of blue and purple run throughout, and a random ribbon of yellow tossed in to make me go “Squeee!” (I never thought I would be so easily amused as to be spinning with the same merino roving for a week and get excited EVERY TIME that wee little bit of yellow comes up. I just love seeing how it mixes in and what it looks like with the other colors. What a thrilling life I do lead.) I’ve got another bobbin about half-full and am planning on making this a 3-ply … two plies of the English Garden and one ply of un-dyed Merino and Alpaca roving that I have from my first drop spindle class. I think the colors are going to be lovely and manly together and they will be knit up into a very lovely and manly scarf for Dear. After all, we have cold times in our future … but that’s yet another Super Top Secret Happening that must stay put for another post.

As for now, Happy 4th of July weekend! Have fun and be safe – I still remember stories my mom would tell me when I was young about young’uns blowing their fingers/ eyes/ ears/ hair/ feet off due to irresponsible fire cracker lighting. Did anyone else have to read Follow My Leader every year around this time?

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