Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toooot! Tooooootie toot toot toot!!!

Okay … I’m not going to toot my own horn in this blog post. Who am I kidding, I’m TOTALLY going to toot my own horn. I’m going to play a freaking fan fare in this blog post. Call me Lizzie Sousa.

I have been having great success with finished objects this week. After months of hardly finishing a pair of socks, I’ve cranked out several looming projects in only a few days. Some are part of the super top secret project I’m working on, some are of the more simple gifting nature. Anyway, enough of the drumroll … on with the show!

It's too big to even take a proper photo. You should see the one of me holding it. I am dwarfed by my creation.

At long last, after 14+ months of having this thing in my project basket, I’ve finally finished the monstrous Kick Ass Cable Afghan {rav link}. This afghan came out to a whopping 7’ long and spans a queen-sized bed. It began as a birthday present for my brother (even though I started it last year after his birthday) and then mutated into a wedding gift when he got engaged a few months later. Fast forward a fistful of months and two additional cabled panels, and this is the end result. It’s huge (long enough for my 6’3” brother to pull it up to his chin and have it tucked under his feet) and heavy and totally appropriate given that their wedding is in July and they are moving to New Orleans. What better gift for the newlyweds moving permanently to the Gulf Coast than a queen-sized wool-blend BLACK afghan?

Also finished? Baby Chewy-I-Mean-Michael’s Baby Surprise Jacket {rav link} by Elizabeth Zimmermann. This was my first time knitting this pattern, and the yarn is chosen for it’s colors and content. The blue-browns combination are the color scheme of Chewy-I-Mean-Michael’s room, and the content is cotton and acrylic, making it machine washable and wearable in the Houston climate. I had a fairly easy time following the pattern (if you can call it that – how about “suggestions”). After a design alteration towards the end, it’s a small-toddler robe of sorts. Luckily, Paula (Chewy-I-Mean-Michael’s mother) is able to make any alterations to the arm seams that are necessary so that Chewy-I-Mean-Michael can wear it for a long time.

Wait, what’s that? You want MORE? Well, I just don’t … I’m not sure if … ha! Just kidding! I TOTALLY HAVE MORE! I’m calling this one the Clio Cloche {rav link} … you may recognize this as my first felting project, and I decided to needle felt a little Clio onto the side of it. I’m really pleased with the way this one came out, and I can’t wait until it’s cold enough for me to show it off.

My lovely model, Gwyneth.

I LOVELOVELOVE it. Exactly how I pictured it. It looks like she's looking out the window. In my head.

This is Clio. She is an epic napper.

And just to leave a bit of suspense with you, dear reader … an upcoming hat.

Dear and I are spending this weekend in Dallas with his Dad and little sister to celebrate Father’s Day. I’ll have more exciting news after the weekend (hint: it involves a trip to this place). In the meantime, enjoy the World Cup and Happy Daddy's Day to every Daddy (especially my own)!

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