Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Head is Spinning

I can’t stop. I am a woman possessed. I went from being an idle knitter to an avid knitter to an avid knitter-and-idle-spinner to this latest stage: avid knitter-and-spinner. I feel like I’m gaining new levels at World of Warcraft or something. Except I could never be so nerdy as to play World of Warcraft. I’ll limit my nerdiness and weirdness to the fiber arts, thankyouverymuch.

I love my wheel. I’ve stated this before, but it’s getting a little ridiculous how much time I spend thinking about spinning. I’m still forced to slog to my day job so there’s a minimum of 9 hours each day that I am stuck behind a desk pretending the phone cord I'm twiddling is really merino or BFL. I go home at night, kiss Dear and then plunk down in front of Lola. I’ve spun a solid 4 ounces of purple wool (no specifics as to what kind of wool).

Three bobbins full, although they weren’t evenly full. I did a 3-ply until one ran empty and got about 62 yards of slightly scratchy but lovely purple worsted hand-spun.

Then I plied the remainder of the other 2 bobbins together and got about 37 ½ yards of slightly scratchy but lovely purple 2-ply – about a sport weight (that little bit of blue was on the bobbin when I bought the wheel and I just plied it all together. This is me living on the edge).

No plans for any of this yet … it’s not really enough to make anything besides gadget pouches, but who says you have to make anything out of your first hand-spun anyway? Right now, I’m still having fun marveling at my own genius.

After plying and skeining all of that (still have to soak and set the twist), I plied two singles that I had spun on my drop spindle and Kool-Aid dyed.

Color isn’t great in this photo, but there’s a single of a kind of maroon red color (black cherry) and a single of royal purple (blue punch and black cherry) and they came out to a light chunky (I didn’t measure the yardage, so you’ll just have to guess). These are scheduled to become a new gadget pouch for my digital camera – one that my cat hopefully does not find quite so interesting and playful.

I started spinning some merino wool … a nice mix of deep blues and greens with some purples and blacks in there for fun. (We shall not speak of the look on Dear’s face when I buried my face in this Merino and took a deep whiff … and then held out the ball and encouraged him to do the same. This behavior is apparently tantamount to growing a second head.) Merino is a little harder for me to draft, but I’m getting the hang of it. I purposely measured it out into three somewhat-equal parts, so the plan is that ALL of this will go into one skein of 3-ply, and we’ll see how much I get. Dear is already grumbling that I’m never going to sit next to him on the couch again, and I told him to be quiet while I’m drafting … oh yeah, and then I thanked him for the lovely and generous gift that is my new favorite thing.

I may have gone a little overboard with excitement and ordered several different kinds of roving to practice spinning with (I Love and Hate the Loopy Ewe). Those plus what I already had in my stash for spinning should leave me fairly satisfied for quite some time (this is what I'm telling myself). The only bugger is that I only have four bobbins, so I have to do one project at a time. I would much rather do two or three simultaneously because I cannot wait to see how some of these others turn out. Wait’ll you see what I’ve got coming from Alchemy Fiber Arts … Ooooh the drama!

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