Friday, July 15, 2011

Back to Spinning

I'm so glad I've been feeling the itch to spin lately. I didn't really feel the urge for several months, so my wheel sat mostly idle while we've been here in Fort Collins. Then I decided to spin our hand fast yarn for our ceremony, and I caught the bug again.

The hand fast yarn turned out great, but there are no current photos ... I'm a bad blogger. I had spun up some merino/alpaca blend a few months ago in one of my attempts at getting back into the spin of things (har dee har har), and liked spinning the pure alpaca so much for the hand fast that I had an idea.

That's about 250 yards (total) of 60% alpaca and 40% merino. It's super soft and dreamy, and will be really toasty warm when knit up. It's the thinnest I've ever been able to spin successfully -- it came out to a worsted-ish weight (sometimes lighter, sometimes heavier). I am really really thrilled with it, I think it's a lovely color combination and it shouldn't be itchy to anyone who's not allergic to sheep or alpacas.

My current plan is to eventually make a hat-and-mitten set, but if anyone is interested in purchasing I might be able to part with it. Send me a note and we'll tawlk.

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