Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It's like kismet. You know how when you do something totally and completely new, unexpected, terrifying, etc. and things just fall into place? It seems like no matter what comes your way, anything and everything that could go wrong, well ... doesn't? That's kismet. And ladies and gentlemen ... that is what I am living.

I am, by nature, hard on myself. I think everything I do should be done perfectly, the first time. If I don't get a new technique or pattern done right the first time, then what the fuck is wrong with me? Why didn't I see that coming? I should do it RIGHT, dammit. Sometimes it takes me a few wrong tries and a few days of frustrated tears before I calm down and realize ... wait ... I've only been here 16 days and I've already accomplished all of that? Wow. Not bad.

And then you see a view of the mountains and you forget about all that crap and just wonder at the beauty for a few minutes.
Coming back from Boulder, where we spent a lovely day last weekend walking around and buying under-ski-clothes. The view on the way there was even more breathtaking, but I was on the phone and didn't get to my camera in time.

And now, Things That Make Me Go "SQUEE!"

I began a project for a friend of mine as a trade -- she's going to do a couple of web ads for me, and in exchange I'm making her Elijah by Ysolda Teague. It's the cutest knitted elephant perfect for wee little ones with wee little hands itching to grab on to something. Jennifer is a hippie by nature, and so she asked for a tie-dyed Elijah. He's being knit out of Berroco Comfort DK, perfect to wash and you couldn't ask for brighter colors.

Obviously, not quite finished. This is the head and body, still awaiting arms, legs and ears. I'm really excited to see the finished elephant ... this is my first knitted stuffed animal and while fairly complicated, it's not as frightening as I expected (after that first bout of previously aforementioned frustrated tears).

I finally got the chance to purchase my own Phat Fiber box. Phat Fiber is a monthly mystery box compiled by independent knitterly folk looking to spread the word about their hand-made products. Each box is a little different but shares the same theme (this month is "Africa"), and they sell out faster than most Muggles would believe a box of fluff and string can sell out (two sale times in one day, and each sale sells out in less than 4 minutes. I'm not kidding). But look at all the pretty!

I haven't cracked open any of the packages to start playing yet, but I fully plan to sometime this week. I'll do individual reviews as I play, but an initial listing of those who participated in my particular box are:

(click name to see their shop or site)
Neurotic Knitterz
Light Brown Hare (who I purchased from for my Damsen shawl; she's a peach and a doll, and I highly recommend her yarns)
Lexi Spice
To-Ply Fiber Arts
Plum Crazy Ranch and Fiber Art
Lil Bit of Heaven Fibers
Color Bug Yarns
Orange Jello
All For Love Of Yarn
Island Yarn
Farmgirl Chic
Fiber Fancy
Out of Step Dyeworks
Spinning a Yarn
Feistywoman Designs
and patterns featured from Brenda Brauner, Maggie Fangmann and Treasure Goddess.

My particular favorites, based on nothing other than initial touch and fondling are these three lovelies:

Clockwise from top, that's black alpaca and superfine merino from Natchwoolie; "Storm in a Teacup" fiber from Spinning a Yarn; and a blended batt of 75% merino and 25% baby camel from Feistywoman Designs. I'm super excited to try spinning with baby camel, but I think I need to watch a little more of my "Start Spinning" DVD so I can spin off a batt properly.

In the meantime, I am continuing my work at home to get my own Etsy shop up and running -- rest assured, when it is set to go, I will be posting a big fat blog post here to let everyone know. In the meantime, you can visit me on specific Saturdays at Fancy Tiger, where I will be teaching their Knitting 101 class from now until the end of November (and hopefully beyond). I'm also in the process of beginning work for the Lamb Shoppe here in Denver to take over some of their web stuff and perhaps pick up a floor shift or seven, and I will be sure to post about those things as they develop as well.

Just a quick moment to thank everyone who has supported me as I start this new chapter ... especially Dear and my mother. I couldn't have done this without the confidence that you instill in my when my own falls a bit short, and it does not go unnoticed. So thanks.

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  1. Hi, thanks for the linky to my shop...now lets see your Etsy shop up and running :)

    Melissa aka Farmgirl Chic