Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finished Object! Finished Object!

I love finishing projects. Especially when they are projects for myself. Not only do I get a sense of accomplishment and excitement from seeing something I’ve created stitch by stitch, piece by piece, yard by yard – but I love the excitement of choosing what to start next.

Yesterday after my first-of-ten yoga class, I took my sweaty body and red face to High Fashion Fabrics and picked up these
so that I could do this

I’d like to present my complete Damson shawl {rav link}, pattern by Ysolda. Knit with 80’s Black Out superwash merino from Light Brown Hare’s Etsy Store. This took (I’m guessing) a little over 500 yards of fingering weight. Since the pattern calls for about 440, I’m glad I took the advice of Ravelry knitters and KnittingReader and overbought. This pattern uses more than 440 yards of yarn and I would have been FURIOUS if I had reached the 547-stitch bind-off only to discover that I didn’t have enough to actually bind off.

My first shawl, and I’m very pleased. I’m enjoying wearing it today and I think it will be a lovely accessory to take on the plane with me to Vail in a little over a week.

Now the other kind of excitement: the excitement of the next WIP, also to be my travel-knitting. I have this

to make a ribbed beanie for Dear. (Spud & Chloe Sweater in some kind of olive-green color.) Could be a quick plane knit and would be nice for him to have in Vail if it’s chilly at night. I know he won't need it in Houston for the next 7 months at least, but it’s also a quick vacation project that will leave me satisfied and I can’t wait to try out the Spud and Chloe. There is also this

to make the Takeout for Two {rav link} socks from my Joy of Sox book (all the stuff towards the left). This is Debbie Bliss Amalfi, a nice cotton/rayon/linen blend that I’m hoping will be good lounging around the house socks even in the dead heat of summer in Houston -- three colors: light blue, a darker blue and brown. Aaaaaaaand I've got this

Knit One Crochet Two Ty-Dy. I want to make a pair of socks out of this, but I’m thinking they’d look great with a funky insole from Cat Bordhi and I want more mindless knitting than that for vacation.

In a totally unrelated subject, I’ve got yoga class #2 tonight. I’m doing Hot Yoga for ten consecutive days. Yesterday was true Hot Yoga – they heat the room to between 102 and 105 degrees with about 80% humidity. Today is Flow Yoga – slightly cooler with the temperature between 95 and 98 degrees and 40% humidity. While that still sounds fucking hot, it should be a little easier and hopefully I’ll avoid the dehydration headache that I had all last night. Then it’s off to buy new athletic shoes for running and hiking. Lord help me, my boyfriend is turning me into one of those outdoor athletic types, totally against my will. I wonder if I can learn to knit and hike at the same time?

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