Monday, April 6, 2009

The coolest news yet today

Okay ... so I've become one of those people. One of those people that thinks what she has to say is important enough to post it online for anyone to read. Hopefully a few people will. This is really an effort for me to maintain flowing creative juice (mmmm, tasty creative juices), and to keep track of my progress as said juices flow. I wanted a place that people could go and look at photos of my knitted projects, and so this is the first of (hopefully) many posts and photos describing my yarn-y adventures.

And so to start with some good news! My Funkiest of Funky Friends, Tim, manages a super-cool shop in Chicago called Hazel. Hazel sells all sorts of stuff that I would dearly love to spend my paycheck on ... awesome cards and stationary sets, cool things for the home, original jewelry, and anything else that categorically falls under "awesome." Somehow, I never mentioned to Tim my three-year-old obsession with knitting until today. Long story short, Tim has agreed to put some of my hand-mades into the store! I'm going to start with some gadget pouches -- little socks of various sizes and colors meant for digital cameras, Blackberrys, iPods, and the like. I have some really cool ideas for those ... gives me a great excuse to practice my cabling! I have the summer to make hats and fingerless gloves that he will sell when it becomes cold again in Chicago, say around October-ish. I've spent the morning at work looking for new fingerless glove patterns (in between e-blasts and planning last minute details for my event tomorrow night, of course), and being so damned excited I could just pee.

Here's a photo of an early pair of fingerless gloves I made -- I ended up giving these to my brother:

Today is Opening Day for the Houston Astros, so I will not be able to knit as much as I would like ... but this development is giving me even more reason (like I needed another one) to schedule time for myself to knit during the week. Wish me luck!

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